Melbourne chefs know the secret to the juiciest fruit and freshest vegetables straight from the farm – and now you can, too.

Find the top quality produce you desire whilst supporting local farmers, and enjoy the taste that only comes from the best ingredients.

  • Can you imagine meals full of colour and flavour?
  • Do you long for fresh fruit with real taste?
  • Have you had enough of wilted supermarket vegetables?

If you answered yes, Fresh 2 Chef is here for you.

For 12 years we have given exceptional service and consistent supply, and we will continue to serve the local community. Discover the benefits of buying from a local Hoppers Crossing company sourcing local people, without the dramas of big business. You can rely on us.

Whether it is fruit, vegetables or herbs, you will love our range of natural produce. Fruit platters are our pleasure.

Now is your chance to cook fresh – like a chef!

“Look what I got today from Fresh2Chef in Hoppers! Best fruit and veg around - great quality and the best prices. Been shopping there over 4 years now and never a complaint. Friendly, helpful and kind staff, nothing is ever any trouble. So happy to support a small business over a big chain store.” - Martha


Alfafa Artichokes Jerusalem Asparagus Green Baby Bock Choy Beans Green Beans Yellow
Beanshoots Beetroot Bock Choy Broad Beans Broccoli Broccolini
Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Chinese Cabbage Green Cabbage Red Cabbage Savoy Capsicum Green
Capsicum Red Capsicum Yellow Carrots Baby Dutch Carrots Medium Carrots Large Cauliflower
Celeriac Celery Chillis Bullet Chillis Green Chillis Red Chinese Broccoli
Choi Sum Cucumber Aussie Cucumber Contnental Cucumber Lebanese Eggplant Endive
Fennel Fennel Baby Galangal Garlic Whole Ginger Leeks
Lettuce Butter Gloria Lettuce Cos Baby Lettuce Cos Lettuce Green Coral Lettuce Green Oak Lettuce Iceburg
Lettuce Radicchio Lettuce Red Coral Lettuce Red Oak Mushroom Button Mushroom Cups Mushroom Enoki
Mushroom Flat Field Mushroom Oyster Mushroom Shitake Mushroom Sw/brown Onion Pickling Onion Medium Brown
Onion Large Brown Onions Red Onions White Parsnips Potato Brushed Potato Chat
Potato Chat Cocktail Potato Desiree Med Potato Desiree Large Potato Kifler Potato Sweet Potato Washd Medium
Potato Washd Large Pumpkin Butternut Pumpkin Grey Pumpkin Japanese Salad Mix 1.5kg Shallots
Snow Pea Trendils Snow Peas Sprouts Snow Peas Spinach Baby 1.5kg Spinach English Sugar Snap Peas
Swedes Sweet Corn Tomato Cherry Tomato Golf Ball Tomato Hydroponic Tomato Medium
Tomato Large Tomato Roma Tomato Roma Mini Tomato Truss Tomato Yellow Pear Turnips
Witlof Yellow Witlof Red Wild Roquette 1.5kg Yellow Squash Zucchini Green Med Zucchini Green Large
Zucchini Flower          


Apples-Gala Small Apples-Gala Large Apples-Grany Smith S Apples-Grany Smith L Apples-Pink Lady Sml Apples-Pink Lady Lge
Apples-Red Del Sml Apples-Red Del Lge Apricot Avocado Semi Ripe Avocado Ripe Bananas Small
Bananas Large Bananas Lady Finger Blackberries Blueberries Cantelope Cherries
Grapefruit Grapefruit Pinkruby Grapes Green Grapes Red Honey Dew Melon Kiwi Fruit Gold
Kiwi Fruit Green Lemons Limes Mangos Nectarine Oranges Blood
Oranges Small Oranges Large Oranges Juicing Paw Paw Green Paw Paw Passion Fruit
Peaches Pears Pineapple Pineapple Gold Plums Pomme Grannette
Raspberries Strawberrie Watermelon Seedless      


Banana Leaves Bay Leaves Curry Leaves Kale Leaves Lime Leaves

Herbs & Bunchs

Baby Beetroot Basil Chervil Chives Coriander Dill
Lemon Grass Margerom Mint Oregano Parsly Continent Parsly Curly
Radish Red Rhubarb Rosemary Sage Silverbeet Spring Onion
Tarragon Thai Basil Thyme Watercress    

Peeled Veg

Carrot Peeled Garlic Peeled Onion Peeled Onion Red Peeled Potato Peeled Pumpkin Peeled

Micro Herbs

Micro Basil Green Micro Basil Purpl Micro Celery Micro Chard Micro Chervil Micro Chives
Micro Coriander Micro Dill Micro Mustrdcres Micro Parsley Micro Radish Micro Red Garnet
Micro Red Mustrd Micro Rocket Micro Shiso Micro Watercres    


Eggs Free Range Eggs 600's Dozens Eggs 700's Dozens Eggs 700's Trays
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